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  • CGM

    CGM DS6000-RE 6KVA 1-phasig Stage V

    5 - 9 Werktage

    CGM DS6000-RE Einphasiger 6-kVA-Superschalldämpfer-Generator CGM DS6000-RE einphasiges 6-KVA-Generatorset mit Kohler-Motor, angetrieben von STAGE ...

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  • CGM

    CGM DS6000Y 6KVA 1-phasig Stage V schallisoliert

    ca. 6 Wochen

    CGM DS6000Y GENERATOR 6KVA SINGLE PHASE STAGEV AVR SUPER SILENCED Der DS6000Y CGM-Generator ist mit einem YANMAR L100 STAGEV-Dieselmotor ausgestat...

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  • Yanmar Dieselstromgenerator 3.3kVa -

    Yanmar diesel power generator 5.1kVa

    Speditionsversand 3 - 7 Werktage

    Yanmar's rugged and portable generators are ideal when you're looking for a quiet, compact and reliable power source. Powered by a direct-injection...

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  • Stromerzeuger Diesel Yanmar 6,5kVA mit Permanent Magnet Generator -
    Stromerzeuger Diesel Yanmar 6,5kVA mit Permanent Magnet Generator -

    Generator diesel Yanmar 6,5kVA with permanent magnet generator

    10 - 15 Werktage

    Generator diesel Yanmar 6,5kVA Powerful diesel generator with Yanmar engine and permanent magnet generator. The generator creates a continuous po...

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