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Generator diesel Yanmar 6,5kVA with permanent magnet generator

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by Yanmar
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Generator diesel Yanmar 6,5kVA

Powerful diesel generator with Yanmar engine and permanent magnet generator.
The generator creates a continuous power of up to 6.5kVA and can be operated 24 hours without any problems, as it was designed for continuous use.
The air-cooled diesel engine, from Yanmar, is very robust, easy to operate and can be started by cable or electric start without problems even in sub-zero temperatures. Thanks to its compact design, the generator weighs about 130kg when dry. The included stainless steel folding handles simplify the transport very much. A wheel kit can be ordered as an option.

Thanks to the permanent magnet generator, the genset achieves an efficiency of 95% (for comparison: simple asynchronous generators achieve only 71%) and it is 160% skew load capable. This means that even machines with high starting currents (circular saws, pumps or angle grinders) can be driven without any problems. The permanent magnet generator also leads to fuel savings of up to 24% compared to other standard generators.

Due to the hard rotor magnetic field, the permanent magnet generator is very sturgeon resistant, against over clocking loads or phase gating controls such as hot air dryer, induction stove and dimmable LED lamps. And is also suitable for the IT sector due to the low harmonic content and optimum sinusoidal wave form.

The diesel generator has a fuel tank with a capacity of 5.4 liters.
At 100% load, the genset has a consumption of 1.33Liter per hour. Therefore, the genset can operate for up to 4 hours, at 100% load, on one tank of fuel. If a larger tank is desired, for example, a 20 liter canister could be connected with an additional switching valve. Here the unit would have a running time of up to 15 hours under full load. A running time of up to 33 hours can be achieved with a 20 liter canister, at low load (approx.25%, as is usual in average house consumption).

Optionally, the generator can also be ordered with a sound insulation hood with integrated heavy-duty insulation mats. This would reduce the sound pressure level from 78 (db)A to 71 (db)A at a distance of 10 meters.

One CEE 400V socket and three 230V sockets are mounted on the unit. Furthermore, an hour meter, an ignition lock and a charge indicator light are installed. The sockets are fused with 16A. If the generator is used for TN operation (feed-in), the generator is equipped with an additional residual current circuit breaker with 30mA.

If the generator is used for domestic supply, an IT - TN changeover switch for external feed can be ordered as an option.
Scope of delivery: changeover switch, 4 pole 63A, mains - 0 - power generator, plug 16A CEE 400V 1clock version "white". The switch and plug must be installed in the building network and put into operation by a qualified electrician.

Power: 5,4kW / 6,5kVA, current: 7,8A / 9,4A,

voltage: 230/400V, frequency 50Hz, 1 cylinder

Diesel engine: Yanmar L100 electric and pull start,

Permanent magnet generator
Efficiency 95% Protection IP54

Sound pressure level 10 (m) 78 (db)A / Power LWA 91 (db)A

Sockets 1xCEE 400V, 3x 230V

Weight approx. 120kg

Other equipment: 4x stainless steel folding handles

Advantages over conventional generators:

- Powerful Yanmar diesel engine with electric start and manual start
- Easy operation, key switch
- Generator protection class IP54 = The generator can be operated in the rain and snow
- Very low leakage currents = FI or RCD- fault switch does not trip too early. (In feed mode)
- Higher engine output of up to 24%
- Robust steel frame, powder coated
- Operating hours counter
- Fuel savings of up to 24%
- No demagnetization of the generator during standstill over years, demagnetization exists e.g. with the asynchronous technology
- if the device stands longer, or a short circuit in the enterprise by a consumer has
- closing load up to 160%
- high starting currents, suitably for circular saws, pumps,...
- interference resistant opposite current-led consumers, inverters, phase-angle controls, induction stove, hot air dryer, lamp dimmer, EMC fields, EMP, NEMP voltage pulses, magnetic interference fields

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