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HONDA HSS970A TD snow blower

by Honda
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In snowy areas, the 9 Series feels most at home.

With state-of-the-art technology, you'll be ready for bigger jobs. The improved clearing capacity is 52 tons per hour with a clearing height of 55 cm, making the 9 Series machines the ultimate power product for snow removal. These powerful helpers from Honda are equally suitable for private and professional use.

9er-Serie, Einsatz nach Modell, Schneeumgebung.

Snow falls differently

That's why the height adjustment of the cutter auger is such a huge advantage. With a flick of the wrist, you can adjust the height of the cutter steplessly, precisely and quite conveniently while moving forward or in reverse.

Nahaufnahme der Höheneinstellung der 7er-Serie.
Nahaufnahme des Scheinwerfers der 7er-Serie.
Nahaufnahme der Frässchnecke.
Nahaufnahme des Raupenantriebs


Under the hard shell there are very clever ideas.

Nahaufnahme der Frässchnecke.

Our 9 Series snow blowers are big, red and powerful, but they're also full of smart features. Take the overload protection clutch, for example, which prevents damage to the cutter auger. It instantly and automatically shuts off the engine when you hit a solid obstacle.

Electric discharge chimney adjustment

The 9 Series electric start models feature an electric discharge chimney adjustment. This makes it easier to eject snow with pinpoint accuracy.

Nahaufnahme des Joysticks.

The ejection chimney is remotely controlled by an easy-to-use joystick.

9er-Serie, Einsatz nach Modell, Schneeumgebung.


During heavy snowfall winter seasons, milling off a flat roof is absolutely necessary, as some roofs have already suffered major damage under the heavy load of snow.

Just one cubic meter of compacted snow can weigh up to 100 kg - and before you know it, this can quickly become a major burden on your home. Melting ice can also cause problems: both leaks and ice dams on your roof can damage your property. To avoid problems with their flat roofs, Honda snowblower owners take their snowblowers to the roof, where they excel with grip and maneuverability.

9er-Serie, Einsatz nach Modell, auf dem Dach.


It takes considerable effort to throw snow 17m.

9er-Serie, Einsatz nach Modell, Schneeumgebung.

The Honda 9-Series snow blower, with its GX270 4-stroke engine, gets the job done in no time. This engine is as reliable as it is powerful, while being quiet, low in vibration and emissions. It's easy to start, even in cold weather. The result is the quietest and most operator-friendly snow blowers. And because they use so little fuel, the time they save is a real bargain.

Illustration der 9er-Serie, geräuscharm.

Honda snow blowers are the quietest on the market. We test each component to see if we can use it to minimize noise.

Key features


Overload protection clutch

Modell mit Raupenlaufwerk

Tracked model


Hour meter


Milling height adjustment

Scheinwerfer als Standard

Headlight as standard


Electric start

Elektrische Auswurfkamineinstellung

Electric discharge chimney adjustment


Hydrostatic drive


  • Engine
    Speed (km/h) 0-3,96
    Engine GX 270
    Rated power (kW/rpm) 6,3/3.600
    Tank capacity (l) 5,0
    Operating time (hrs.) 2,2
    Sound level (dB(A)) 102
    Starting system Super-light start / Electric start
    Working stages Two
  • Function
    Clearing width (cm) 71
    Clearing height (cm) 55
    Clearing capacity (t/h) 52
    Discharge distance (m) 16
    Discharge chute setting 2-stage electric
    Drive Stepless (Hydrostat)
    Undercarriage Tracked undercarriage
    Fuel gauge yes
    Special features headlight, 2 double-sided skids, overload protection clutch, hour meter
  • Dimensions
    Dimensions (L) (cm) 148,5
    Dimensions (W) (cm) 73,5
    Dimensions (H) (cm) 123
    Weight (kg) 125