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CAN-bus Temp. sensor for Buck-Boost DC/DC conv.

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The CAN-Bus Temp. Sensor is a battery temperature sensor for the Buck-Boost DC/DC converter series and an essential accessory when the Buck-Boost DC/DC converter is connected to an LFP lithium battery.

Temperature measurement is required when LFP lithium batteries are charged at low temperatures. The charge current to a lithium battery must be reduced when the battery temperature drops below 5 degrees, and the charge current must be stopped when the temperature drops below zero.

The CAN bus temp. sensor takes care of this. It measures the temperature of the lithium battery and sends it to the buck-boost DC/DC converter. The buck-boost DC/DC converter reduces or stops charging when the battery temperature gets too low.

In addition, the CAN bus temp. sensor can also be connected to the temperature sensor port in a Multi or Quattro so that the Multi or Quattro can reduce or stop charging when the battery temperature becomes too low.