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Air-to-water EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump R32 B-Ware

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Air-to-water EVI DC heat pump R32

  • Main features :
    -R32 or R410a
    - Monobloc type
    - Can operate below -35 °C ambient temperature
    - Function: Heating/Cooling/Hot water
    - 50% faster heating time
    - EVI DC inverter technology remains the same good heating performance from -15 °C ambient temperature
    - Super quiet can be up to 43 dB (A)
    - APP control via wifi
    - Intelligent defrost
    - Energy saving up to 30%
    - Special design for frost protection in the bottom of air exchanger
    - Display remote control with cable

  • Smarthome compatible Smart Life App can be controlled in Home Assistant with via Tuya Smart integration.

Core Strengths
Stable operation under -35 ℃ ambient temperature - FANTASTIC "EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump" R32/R410a with intelligent EVI inverter control and EVI structure can operate in a temperature range from -35 to 43 degrees.

18 years experience
For 18 years, FANTASTIC has been offering its innovative technology to the market and has manufactured more than 65,000 EVI DC inverter heat pumps and EVI inverter heat pumps worldwide. The products are certified for both the European and North American markets.

Long service life with high-quality brand components
FANTASTIC combines top international quality. It consists of high-quality branded components: the FANTASTIC EVI inverter heat pump, with CAREL control and CAREL expansion valve as option, Panasonic compressor, SHIBAURA inverter fan motor and WILO water pump, SWEP plate heat exchanger, an element under the button plate and many more.

Save money and experience top performance

A. 50% faster heating/cooling time: the FANTASTIC EVI heat pump with DC inverter automatically selects the best operating frequency of the compressors and fan motor after switching on. The intelligent inverter control technology automatically controls the opening of the electronic expansion valve (EEV) according to heating or cooling needs. This fast technology in the inverter saves up to 50% of heating time compared to a conventional heat pump.

B. Superior heating technology: FANTASTIC's unique EVI + DC inverter technology controls the frequency and EEV particularly efficiently: even at an ambient temperature below -15 °C, the heat pump provides stable heating output without a heating element.

C. High COP and 30% energy saving: the FANTASTIC EVI inverter heat pump is more than a transition heat pump. It is equipped with inverter compressor, DC fan motor and PFC control method, so the heat pump automatically regulates the operating capacity. Frequent start and stop was yesterday, FANTASTIC advanced heat pump works in stable continuous operation with high efficiency, while saving 30% energy compared with traditional heat pump. Cool wet in summer, warm water in winter: With intelligent control technology, you can enjoy your pool in any weather and any season.

DC inverter proven industrial technology
Accurate temperature control, low system costs and high reliability - the DC inverter is a great tool. With its high-frequency operating technology, it responds to changing cooling and heating loads by controlling heat pump speed, intelligently regulating heat, and maximizing energy efficiency. The combination results in improved pump performance and energy consumption with extended life and reduced wear.

DC inverter to DC inverter/heater technology is used to provide the desired temperature and control the energy consumption of mechanical equipment. It can replace conventional liquid cooling systems or act as a space heater or boiler. In addition, this technology is used to provide cooling processes in industries such as food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, cleaning, and other service sectors. DC inrush power is likewise used for industrial processes such as preheating, degassing, pumping, drying, drilling, and more. It also meets the requirements of high-power pneumatic and electric pumps in the manufacturing, power and chemical industries.

High-efficiency system
The technology of DC inverter to DC inverter for heat pump operation is a high-efficiency system. A DC hot water heating system has several advantages: It can be used to supply hot water to homes as well as industrial facilities. It provides your home with hot water in the summer while keeping it warm in the winter. It can equally be used to provide hot water for household purposes such as shower, laundry, dishwasher but also medical equipment.

DC inrush current to water heater is more economical than traditional water heater, which takes up a lot of space and requires extra maintenance. On the other hand, the DC inrush current to DC inverter as a household heater can be easily maintained. The inrush current supplied by the heat pump compressor is lower, reducing the likelihood of voltage spikes as well as fluctuations to a minimum.

Another plus point is that the DC inverter heat pumps-inverters offer a high level of safety, operate much more quietly than conventional compressors and do not produce harmful CO2 emissions. The inrush current generated by the heat pump inverter is very low and barely audible.

Remarkably, the efficiency of the DC inrush current of the FANTASTIC EVI inverter heat pump: It consumes very little energy - and thus saves costs. At the same time, it uses such environmentally friendly technology that it can even be tax-advantaged. Especially in the long term, the significantly reduced energy consumption by the pumps compared to conventional devices is noticeable.


Underfloor heating pumps can heat the entire floor of a building. They are highly efficient and ideal for home use because they heat a much larger area than other types of heat pumps, while requiring little space for installation. They are usually made of steel and are designed to transfer heat downward.

In the case of an apartment or a smaller house, the installation of a Floor heating pump proves to be particularly beneficial: with this equipment, you can easily reduce your electricity bill by providing your home with sufficient heat in the cold months and air conditioning in the summer months. Installation is simple and takes less time than conventional heaters or radiators. This is mainly due to the fact that heat pumps do not require a lot of space. This is the perfect solution for small apartments or apartments with a small square footage.

In order to achieve the highest performance of the device in the long term, it should be serviced regularly. In this regard, the FANTASTIC EVI inverter heat pump is very easy to maintain.

Under the heat pump there is a collection tray, which transports the hot liquid. When the floor mat is placed in the room, the heat is distributed downwards and warms the entire floor. A heat pump works with the help of a compressor. This distributes the warm air through the heat exchanger openings in the room. The device requires only a small footprint, but can heat a much larger space than conventional types of heaters.

Floor heating pumps not only provide comfortable warmth in the room, but also provide a convenient way to control the room temperature. The thermostat control built into the pump allows you to adjust the temperature individually according to your wishes. This eliminates the need to regulate the room temperature yourself. However, this depends on the size of the room: if the room is too small, an alternative heating system makes sense.

Powerful and efficient: the Floor heat pumps are known for providing safe and reliable heat output within a specified range. At the same time, the investment is reasonable.

Safe operation under -35 ℃ ambient temperature.

Wide temperature range: no matter what the weather or season, the FANTASTIC EVI inverter heat pump operates reliably from -25℃ to 43℃ outdoor temperature. Intelligent control automatically regulates load adjustment to meet summer cooling, winter heating and hot water requirements all year round.

Super efficient and quiet with 4-core full inverter technology.

The FANTASTIC EVI +DC inverter heat pump not only boasts amazing energy savings, but is also as quiet as a refrigerator. At just 12 dB(A), the noise level is significantly lower than a conventional on/off heat pump. This is due to innovative technology: the pump uses a stepless inverter compressor, a stepless inverter control system, a brushless fan motor and a DC speed water pump.

50% faster heating/cooling time.

Save up to 50% heating time over conventional heat pumps with the FANTASTIC inverter unit. Intelligent inverter control technology selects the most effective operating ranges for the compressor, fan motor and electronic expansion valve (EEV) immediately after the unit is turned on.

Superior heating capability

Even at ambient temperatures of -15°C ,the heat pump reliably delivers rated heating capacity without auxiliary electrical heating . The unique FANTASTIC EVI + DC inverter technology controls the frequency and EEV according to the ambient temperature, water temperature, and volume of the main refrigerant system circuit.

Faster to stable status after defrosting.

In intelligent defrosting, the technical advantage becomes apparent: by controlling the frequency and EEV technology, the unit gets into defrosting status faster than conventional units, thus shortening defrosting times. This entails further effects, as it restores the water supply temperature faster, extends the effective heating time, as well as improves the heating efficiency of the heat pump in general.

High COP and 30% more energy efficient than conventional heat pumps.

By using inverter compressor, DC fan motor and PFC control method, the heat pump can regulate the operating capacity. The heat pump operates in a steady state with high efficiency because it does not need to be put into on-off mode like conventional units. Therefore, the energy consumption is 30% lower than other heat pumps.

Special design for frost protection and frost protection on the bottom of the heat exchanger.

Even at low temperatures, the unit provides smooth operation. Several innovations, coordinated with each other, ensure that no frost or hoarfrost settles in heating mode: Locking bevels are located on two sides of the switch, a frost protection element is located on the bottom of the heat pump, and special liquid distribution technology prevents the temperature of the refrigerant from dropping in the lower copper tubes of the heat exchanger.

Schematic system diagram

System structure (example)
Power consumption 220V1PH/50hz(60hz)
Heating condition: air DB20℃/WB 15℃,water from 15℃ to 55℃.
Heating capacity KW 12,25 17,50 17,50 28,00 35,00 42,00
Input power (heating) KW 2,67 3,85 3,82 6,11 7,64 9,17
Input current (heating) A 12,16 17,50 5,81 27,79 11,61 13,93
COP W/W 4,58 4,55 4,60 4,58 4,58 4,60
Heating condition: air DB 7℃/WB 6℃, water inlet:30℃, water outlet: 35℃.
Heating capacity KW 11,9 16,5 16,70 28,10 31,60 37,90
Input power (heating) KW 2,88 3,96 4,05 6,83 7,69 9,25
Input current (heating) A 13,1 18,0 7,50 12,70 14,20 17,10
COP W/W 4,13 4,17 4,12 4,11 4,10 4,09
Heating condition: air DB 7℃/WB 6℃, water inlet:40℃, water outlet: 45℃.
Heating capacity KW 10,5 15,0 14,00 24,00 27,00 32,40
Input power (heating) KW 3,25 4,23 4,24 7,27 8,18 9,84
Input current (heating) A 14,8 19,2 7,90 13,50 15,16 18,20
COP W/W 3,23 3,55 3,30 3,30 3,30 3,29
Heating condition: air DB -15℃/, water inlet :40℃ water outlet: 45℃
Heating capacity KW 6,50 9,50 9,50 18,00 20,00 24,00
Input power (heating) KW 3,08 3,90 4,46 8,40 9,40 11,40
Input current (heating) A 14,00 17,73 8,30 15,60 17,42 21,10
COP② W/W 2,11 2,44 2,13 2,14 2,13 2,11
Cooling condition: Air DB 35℃/--,Water inlet: 12℃, water outlet: 7℃.
Cooling capacity KW 8,00 12,50 12,50 20,00 25,00 30,00
Input power KW 3,00 4,70 4,70 7,90 9,96 11,90
Input current A 13,64 21,36 8,70 14,60 18,45 22,00
Maximum current A 20,45 27,80 11,30 19,00 24,00 28,70
Power supply V/PH/Hz 220/1/50 380/3/50
Regulator Inverter
Compressor DC Inverter Compressor
Ventilation motor DC Fan Motor
Refrigerant flow control Electric expansion valve
Heat exchanger High efficiency tubular heat exchanger
Refrigerant R32 R410a
Water inlet/outlet inch 1" 1" 1" 1-1/4" 1-1/4" 1-1/4"
Water flow rate m³/h 1,38 2,15 2,15 3,44 4,3 5,16
Product dimensions (L/W/H) mm 1050/420/850 1150/470/1250 1130/515/1415 1380/515/1585 1380/515/1585 1380/515/1585
Packaging dimensions (L/W/H) mm 1150/450/1000 1250/520/1440 1200/550/1530 1450/550/1700 1450/550/1700 1450/550/1700
Weight kg 135 180 182 185 190 195