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Blaupunkt inverter monobloc air heat pump 21.8KW and R32

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Heat pumps Blaupunkt Monoblock

Low temperature, split with energy efficiency class A+++/A++

Heat pumps from the Blaupunkt range are designed to meet the requirements of energy saving. It is a multifunctional device for domestic hot water heating and building heating.

Blaupunkt heat pumps have a low noise level. They are equipped with WIFI, so you can benefit from smart control. They achieve high performance with low power consumption. The EVI technology allows an increased pressure of the refrigerant at the outlet of the compressor. A higher condensing pressure and more refrigerant in the condenser allow to reach a higher heating capacity and higher conversion temperatures.

BLAUPUNKT air source heat pumps use high quality components from leading suppliers.


- PANASONIC rotary compressor

- Expansion valve CAREL

- Inverter-fan WOLONG

- Pressure transmitter CAREL

- Driver CAREL

CAREL solutions are usually hidden in larger devices. Valves just a few inches in size, sensors, controllers, thermostats and monitoring systems that make up the control system for air conditioning, cooling and heating systems. These are the components that perform a basic function in the system. Their function of monitoring and controlling such systems contributes to the increase of overall performance and significant energy savings.

Pompa Ciepła Blaupunkt

Pompa Ciepła Blaupunkt Split

Advantages of heat pumps:

Higher energy efficiency

Thanks to their ERP energy class A +++, they save more than 30% more energy.

Quiet operation

Heat pumps use new measures to reduce noise: a Panasonic rotary compressor and brushless fans.

Intelligent control

The CAREL control unit with an RS485/WiFi app is designed to establish control between the heat pump unit and the end application.

Wide voltage range

The heat pump operates stably in the voltage ranges 150V - 260V (1 phase) or 330V - 450V (3 phases) to reduce the impact of line voltage disturbances on the unit.

Intelligent defrosting

The intelligent technology used makes optimal defrosting decisions to minimize energy consumption and increase user satisfaction.

Appropriately selected components and their high quality result in high energy savings for Blaupunkt heat pumps. These devices are characterized by high energy classes. As a result of the tests carried out by TÜV SÜD, they were classified in the following classes (depending on the temperature of the heating system they worked with):

for a CO flow temperature of 35 °C - energy class A+++.

for a CO flow temperature of 55 °C - energy class A++.

This shows the very high cost efficiency of Blaupunkt brand devices, which results in low operating costs that allow a quick return on investment.

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